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The cryptocurrency market using AI is growing at a rapid pace. Various approaches are being attempted to predict the price of cryptocurrency, especially from attempts to apply stock price prediction techniques in the traditional stock market to attempts to apply deep learning and reinforcement learning. However, the cryptocurrency market is a market with a number of new features that are not present in the existing stock market, and the demand for not only traditional stock market analysis technology but also new analysis technology suitable for the cryptocurrency market has increased. We want to provide a blockchain-based AI platform and additional services that connect with each other.


Can you accurately predict the price of cryptocurrency?
Are there any trading strategies that can consistently obtain stable profits?
Are there any trading strategies that can consistently obtain stable profits?

ABP checks the current price of the cryptocurrency,
You can predict the price at any point in time.

Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
Big Data
Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Deep Learning
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ABPAI Bitcoin Pickis an AI Prediction-based platform,
Useful for all through data analysis
Provides predictive analytics service.

  • AI Prediction

    A service that makes it easy to access and use the open source library environment, a unique prediction platform that combines AI and blockchain technology.

  • AI Trading
    Bot Service

    A service that allows users to earn profits by automatically performing cryptocurrency trading at a fast investment decision and accurate timing through algorithmic trading that can be traded based solely on data and principles by thoroughly excluding human emotions.

  • AI Asset
    Management Platform

    A service that provides a function to check the user's trading history and asset balance, analyzes the rate of return, and provides the status of asset holdings by exchange as visualized data

  1. 01
    Asset management service

    It is a service that supports the management of an investment portfolio composed of various assets according to the market situation according to the investment propensity and investment strategy of cryptocurrency investors.Investors use their own algorithm to apply artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analysis You can receive offers and share trading strategies of cryptocurrency experts and professional traders.

  2. 02
    Staking service

    It is similar to the interest deposit service of ordinary banks. Just like depositing money in a bank account and receiving interest, users can use ABP's asset management service and custodial service by depositing cryptocurrencies such as ABP Coin in the ABP staking wallet.

  3. 03
    Custody service

    It is a service that stores and manages investors' digital assets instead. We plan to entrust cryptocurrency management by participating in an actual professional trader team as an asset manager, and we plan to proceed with a reliable custody contract using blockchain smart contracts. ABP and professional traders can receive larger profits by operating the entrusted cryptocurrency.


  • Our Vision

    The ABP Foundation aims for a sound investment culture based on analysis, not speculation, by allowing anyone to easily and conveniently invest and minimize the risk of investment.

  • Our Mission

    Many investors are risking their investment due to environmental factors or extremely personal investment methods.
    The ABP Foundation aims to minimize risks by providing the best platform services to these investors to help them make stable investments.

  • Our Dream

    The ABP Foundation has a dream of creating a safe and sound investment culture.
    We want to help you invest for the present and future based on ABP's technology (AI Deep Learning) so that people around the world can use the right platform for the world we dream of.


Token Summary

Token Summary
Division Contents
Name ABP(AI Bitcoin Pick)
Ticker ABP
Type Giant Mammoth Chain
Total Token Supply 2,000,000,000
※TOKEN issuance schedule and rate may change depending on conditions.

Token Sale

Token Sale Chart
  • Token Sale
  • Foundation
  • Reserved Token
  • Marketing
  • Development
Token Sale
Division Contents
Token Sale 1,200,000,000 (60%)
Foundation 600,000,000 (30%)
Reserved Token 160,000,000 (8%)
Marketing 20,000,000 (1%)
Development 20,000,000 (1%)
Total 2,000,000,000

Roadmap Timeline.

2nd half of 2020

  • Launch of the ABP Foundation
  • ABP White paper v1.0
  • ABP Wallet Development
  • ABP ecosystem composition

1st half of 2021

  • ABP Wallet Open
  • ABP Integrated Platform Development
  • ABP Blockchain Development
  • Cryptocurrency related R&D
  • ABP platform Meetup
  • Investment attraction and partnership
  • First listing on domestic exchange

2nd half of 2021

  • 2nd listing on domestic/overseas exchanges
  • AI prediction Platform Open

1st half of 2022

  • Signed domestic and global partnerships in AI
  • Integration within the global TOP 100 exchange platform

2nd half of 2022

  • Prediction Platform enhancement
  • AI-centric portfolio and ecosystem expansion
  • 3rd listing on domestic/overseas exchanges

1st half of 2023

  • With strategic partners Entered AI x Blockchain nurturing business
  • Global marketing campaign execution


  • Codexeno
  • Genesis Exchange
  • Cenetech Korea
  • Nangkuo